iPad Liar's Dice. Multiplayer. $0.99.

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by HeyBuddy, May 28, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    Ernie from HeyBuddySoftware.com

    We are new guys as are many to the App Development - but I love it and want to let you all know our first App, "liar's" is now available. Currently, liar's is a multiplayer ONLINE ONLY game, so we are looking to get as many people online playing as possible.

    We are confident you will like the game and look forward to playing online with all of you. I am working my hardest to make sure we can get a good player base going... and right now liar's FULL VERSION is only $0.99. We are waiting on Apple to get our free trial version approved (which is frustrating... :mad:) to hopefully help get a player base online.

    Check it out here...


    We appreciate all feedback and are working on updates and new apps to submit to Apple in the upcoming months.

    Thanks for reading,

    Ernie Renner
    Hey Buddy Software
  2. Screenshots

    Here are a few screenshots...

    IMG_0053.PNG IMG_0043.PNG IMG_0049.PNG

    Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions, comments and/or concerns. We appreciate your support!

    Ernie Renner
    Hey Buddy Software
  3. VeganTnT

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    Jul 19, 2008
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    mmk, so I have to ask. Is there any chance for local multiplayer?

    I don't think a game like Liar's dice would benefit from a single player version. But it would be nice to have people play by passing the device around
  4. It is definitely a possibility.

    Our initial thought was to really get a good online version together... but the pass and play is an option we can tinker with for sure.
  5. badmanj

    badmanj Well-Known Member

    This is kind of like Perudo which I love. I just bought this and it looks superb too...


    There are no players available. Not a single one. I'm sat along on a table on my lonesome.

    Back to the land of Zenonia for me I guess! I'll check back later!

  6. sktung

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    Dec 27, 2008

    Few questions:

    1) Are 1s Wild?
    2) How many players in one game can it support?

    In Asia, this is a really popular drinking game but not sure how the rules differ (if any) from the Western version.
  7. Sorry Jamie... that's part of our issue - New Game - Not Many Players.

    I'm suggesting people try at the top of the hour to try to get the early adopters at the tables together.

    Again - sorry for the lack of players - we are definitely working to remedy that :)
  8. badmanj

    badmanj Well-Known Member

    Ok, I got a few games in (Karnage).

    Impressions are... this is an EXCELLENT game, made VERY good by being online against real players.

    The player count IS an issue but I'm sure it won't be for much longer.

    A few issues but no doubt these'll be ironed out soon.

    Interface is very easy and clear and the game very enjoyable; I'm pleased with this purchase.

  9. There are MANY implementations of this game...

    OUR "liar's"
    1) 1's are wild unless called FIRST at the beginning of a round
    2) 6 people can play at a time

    feel free to check out the tutorial at:

    Thanks for checking us out!
  10. AT the TOP of EACH HOUR.

    Interested players...

    I am suggesting they try to join a table at the top of the hour. Thanks for your patience as we try to grow.
  11. JTHM87

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    I'm not sure how difficult this would be...but have you thought about having a set number of Bots running to be able to play with people 24/7? It would likely make the game more attractive to buyers knowing that they don't have to depend on other people being awake/online.
  12. We are working on making the game less reliant of other users... and have many ideas in line to help that. I truthfully wouldn't want to be playing bots all the time - but I respect the suggestion. With the new SDK, we have more tools to help get those that want to play a good game.

    And when Apple approves our free trial version - hopefuly we can get more exposure.
  13. badmanj

    badmanj Well-Known Member

    The free version will make a BIG difference I think.

    I agree regarding bots - this isn't a fun game unless it's against other real people. Like Poker - I play poker until I drop but I'll never play a 'fun' game that's vs a computer...

  14. turakm

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    Jan 15, 2009
    the game looks good, but i watched the tutorial and im still completely clueless on how to play
  15. Played tons of Liar's Dice over passed 5 or 6 years. Can't imagine playing this on an iphone though.
  16. freedog

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    Mar 11, 2009
    I like the concept of this game, I love dice games. I'm still a little confused about how to play exactly. When you roll the dice at the beginning of your turn only one number shows up??? and is that the number you bid on??? Is that how it works?
  17. Here's quick overview.

    Say there are seven players. Everyone has five dice. Everyone rolls all at once and covers up their dice with their cup. Starting player bids say fifteen 3's...based on the fact there are 7 people x five = 35 dice out there. Plus 1's are wild. Next player to the left either ups the bid or call's his bluff and says bs. So let's say next player says there are fifteen 4's (upping the bet). Then third player says there are eighteen 6's. Then let's say fourth players says bs. So then everyone puts out there 1's and 6's. All of them are totalled up. If there are at least eighteen 1's and 6's combined amongst all players the person who called bs loses one die. If there are NOT at least eighteen 1's and 6's combined amongst all players then the person who called BS loses one die. Anyway play continues like this, a player is eliminated from the game once they lose all their die. Winner is person still with dice left.

    I honestly don't know what to say about an iphone version because part of the fun of this bluffing game. It's good to bluff and up the sixes for example when you don't any sixes for instance. Plus you don't want it coming all the way around to you again. Part of the fun is trying to read other's faces and expressions to figure them out. So iphone...hmmmm is a thing that makes you go hmmmmmm.
  18. Thanks for posting the overview... and i know part of liar's is reading people.. but there is still a fun aspect of getting an idea of how people bid. It is really fun and addicting to play on iphone. I compare it to Texas Hold Em online - it's just different, but still fun. There is definite skill and a bit of luck.. and there's CHAT as well.. so you can still talk trash ;) It is an addictive game. I hope you give it a try and let me know what you think. :)
  19. I am in the midst of creating a movie of the game in action.. to show people how to play and demonstrate the UI... I'll let you know when I get it done. I'm working on it this weekend. :D
  20. This is now free so I decided to pick it up. I created a profile nice customization for face profile. Anyway when I click on a table app crashes this is on OS 3.0.

    I did read through help screen. Only aspect I'm not used to is the ability for the lead bidder to disable ace's 1 as wild by starting bid with that. I'm used to the rule that is never allowed to lead a bid with wild. I believe though in Perudo rules if you only have 1 die left there is a special rule about no wilds or something like that.

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