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Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by QuickWit, Nov 18, 2008.

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    I thought I'd post my quick review of the Liar's Poker game that is now on the "price dropped" list. I bought it when it was at the normal price and really was disappointed. Below is the iTunes review I put in for it... As you'll see it is perhaps the first time I've actually felt that money was wasted. Hard to believe that I couldn't get even $2 worth of entertainment out of something. Let the buyer beware...


    I was pretty excited when I saw the game and even bought it at its full price... but that excitement went away very fast. And it got less and less with each "game" I played.

    First off, I was expecting the game I was use to playing. This being the kind where every time you're caught lying you lose one of your dice and you're out of the game when you're out of dice. In this version once someone is caught lying (or caught telling the truth) the game is over. I've had a few games end when one of the computer players accused another computer player of lying... the game told me of this and the outcome and the game was over. Very disappointing.

    You don't even get to roll your own dice! Why have all the fun of an iPhone/iTouch and not even get to shake it when you're playing a dice game.

    Somehow I've gotten scores for the games I've played but there is nothing to tell me how I arrived at that score.

    All in all the excitement is completely gone now and the game is now set to be taken off of my playlist. If the dev puts out an update and actually makes this a "game" and not just the garbage that it is now I'll gladly come in and edit this review. But until then this might be one of the few times I've actually felt like I've wasted money on an app and I've purchased over 80 games so far.

    If anyone says that they are having fun with this game I'm going to have to call their bluff and call them a Liar... or the developer.
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    that's a shame =/ I was thinking about getting this one

    I never played your version with the loss of one die though. I used to play it as a drinking game (don't drink anymore) and was looking for a version where I could play similar to the way you were talking about

    I could have sworn there was another liar's dice game in the app store but I don't remember what it's called. Anyone know what app i'm talking about?
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    agreed not good!

    I agree. I purchased it for 99 cents and I'm not very happy with it. At the moment it's very boring and you can't even roll your own dice. Hopefully they make some changes. At present I wouldn't recommend. :mad:
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    Nov 16, 2008
    Don't hope. There will be no updates.

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