Level Up Audio - Custom Music/SFX for Games & Trailers - Samples inside!

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    Oct 25, 2013
    Hello, my name is Andrew and I operate a music/sound studio called Level Up Audio (www.level-up-audio.com). I am a music composer and sound designer, and I have worked on over 50+ titles, with 4+ years of game industry experience. Contact me with project details (Minutes of music + Number of sound effects required) for a quick estimate on your project. Affordable solutions for any budget. www.level-up-audio.com/contact

    What I can offer you:
    Custom Music - Any musical genre, including Orchestral/Cinematic, Historical,
    World/International, Electronic, Rock, Pop, Metal, Jazz, Blues,
    Acoustic, Piano, Chiptune, and anything in between. Music for gameplay, cutscenes, trailers, and more.
    Custom Sound Effects - Vibrant and exciting sound effects and ambiences for your game and trailers.
    Quick Delivery - Comfortable working under tight deadlines. If you need high quality music/sound as soon as possible, I can deliver.
    Good Value - High quality music/sounds at indie-friendly prices. Affordable solutions for any budget.

    Demos of my work: www.level-up-audio.com/demos

    Thanks for your interest!
    - Andrew Kim
    Music Composer, Sound Designer for Level Up Audio
    Website: www.level-up-audio.com/contact
    Twitter: @levelupaudio

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