LETTERGY (WIP - Late February | by Appdore)

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  1. iamcartez

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    A fast paced boggle style word game with an interesting twist!
    Coming Late February 2015.

  2. Valentia

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    Jan 20, 2009
    I always look forward to checking out a new word game!
  3. iamcartez

    iamcartez Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I'll have some promo codes soon to give out.

    This word game should be a wild one.
  4. Lavender

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    Dec 31, 2013
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    Love word games!
    Looks good. Creative name too.
  5. iamcartez

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    A few promo codes for the community.

  6. fiskadoro

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    Jan 1, 2009
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    I took 7TAAXETXPLNJ.

    Any explanation on how to play would be welcome!

    You can 'revive' tiles you've already used I presume, and words don't have to be formed in a line. But when I revived tiles, the same letters don't come back?

    Sometimes the tiles turn blue, sometimes grey when you play them.

    Also, I tried the words "quotation" and it didn't allow it.

    Would be happy to test more, but need some rules!
  7. iamcartez

    iamcartez Well-Known Member

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    I'll look into the quotation find because thats odd since the word bank is about 200,000 words.

    You can revive tiles but you will get another tile. The tile you get is pulling from other common letters once you begin reviving the tiles. Originally it was the same however people including myself were able to create words over and over in a corner because they would get the same tiles over and over. This was easier but broken.

    This may be confusing but shouldn't be focused on - I'll push an update for the colors...
    Tier 1 - random
    White - Consonants turn grey.
    Yellow - Vowels turn blue.
    Tier 2 - revived / more common letters
    Consonants darken.
    Vowels darken.
  8. fiskadoro

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    Jan 1, 2009
    Chicago, IL
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    Thanks, iamcartez. Still a bit fuzzy on the rules. You get points too for reactivating the tiles, but is the idea of the game to clear all the tiles from the board? I guess I'm trying to work out what I should be playing towards: Should I remove blue tiles first? I cleared all the tiles in "moves mode" but then what? Wasn't clear what to do.

    Maybe when the full release happens, there will be a "how to play" area.

    Also, did you consider allowing players to remove one letter at a time when selecting letters? Only option right now is to select the entire word and erase it -- could get annoying if you're going for a long word and mistakenly tap the wrong tile.

  9. iamcartez

    iamcartez Well-Known Member

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    I see the confusion now and will add a how to play scene and add an undo...

    >> There isn't a secret objective here though. This game isn't meant to be played like the other word games because it would be just another word game lol....

    >> You only need to tap the number tiles if you are running low on letters! Reusing of tiles was only added as a way to keep the game endless if you manage to clear the entire board in time.

    More information!

    Timed mode is more like arcade play -- You are scoring as many points in your time allotted.

    Try not to worry about word length and focus on building small words quickly to level up.

    As you level up, the +1 or +2 per second tiles will change to +3 +4, +10, etc... after a minute or two of playing, you will be scoring +50 points per second PER live tile.

    Big words in this game are only useful as a jump start to skip the +1, +2, +3 stages of the tiles.

    I'm a decent speller but my wife is terrible at spelling. I focus on big words and get my tiles to start at +4 per second.

    My wife make smaller words and hers start at +1 per second... Even though she make small words, she is able to compete with my scores because she is leveling up faster due to her playstyle.


    Moves mode is simple -- You have 25 turns to get a score. Only reuse the tiles if you need more letters. :)

    VIDEO WITH MORE GAMEPLAY (+100 per second tiles are activated)


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