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    What is Letter Frenzy?
    Letter Frenzy is a fun, addicting yet simple word game for iPhone, iPad, and iPhone touch (an Android version is in development).

    iTunes Page | Website | 2:40 Youtube Demo

    How do you play Letter Frenzy?
    1. When you touch the Start button, you are presented with 25 scrambled up letters.
    2. Your goal is to rearrange the columns to form words. Just because you form a word does not mean it is the word that Letter Frenzy is looking for. When you touch a letter, you are given the option to swap that letter with another letter in the same column
    3. You only have 3 minutes and 50 moves to solve all 5 words. Once you solve all the words, you score is calculated based on how many moves and how much time you have left
    That's it! No in-app purchases and no levels, just a fun, straightforward game. It is perfect for busses, airplanes, boring lectures, and any other setting where your mind needs a break.

    Who is Dugan Studios?
    The newly formed Dugan Studios is a 2 man operation from the DFW metroplex in Texas. We are 2 brothers, 11 months apart with our own careers and families, trying to break into the mobile app business. Letter Frenzy is our first app, and we are very proud of it. We have already had several people report how addictive it becomes, some even frustrated at its difficulty.

    Promo Codes
    Try out Letter Frenzy, and let me know what you think. I would really appreciate some positive reviews on the iTunes page





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