Let's Go Drop! (Oct 18) How far can you fall?

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    Let’s Go Drop!, from the makers of Red’s Kingdom, Let’s Go Rocket, iBomber and loads and loads of other games you’ve played and always thought, “$uck these are pretty good!”

    Arcade action, snack-gaming, hyper-casual and messaging all converge in one awesome new game that will become your brand new itch on iOS and inside iMessage, Let’s Go Drop!

    Use your thrusters to maneuver left or right. Avoid the walls and stay away from the spikes. Collect coins to help you unlock planets, ships and upgrades. Just remember, the further you fall the faster you get!

    Let’s Go Drop! available 18th October 2018 (like next week!!)

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    Apr 14, 2018
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    Love the relaxing music, good luck with this!

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