Out Now Legends of Kingdom Rush (by Ironhide Studios)

Discussion in 'Apple Arcade' started by Boardumb, Apr 2, 2021.

  1. Goliathon

    Goliathon Member

    Jul 31, 2018
    I was excited for this one but it seems unfinished.

    Most enemies will 1 shot non-tanky characters, and there is no way to see enemy intents or attack range, as far as I can tell

    no items or meta abilities to use during fights

    no choosing which of your characters move first during your turn (you know, to set up combos)

    In the end seems super simplistic and in a bad way.
  2. cawaker

    cawaker Member

    May 27, 2013
    The game is pretty fun, difficulty seems random though, but maybe that’s cause I haven’t found a good combo of characters yet that can play off each other.
  3. andreadeda

    andreadeda Well-Known Member

    Mar 6, 2013
    I think the game has potential and some interesting twists to the formula but it looks like it could be better with some adjustments here and there.
    The fact that the only way to look at the enemy's characteristics is to press and hold on the turn queue is counterintuitive; also not all enemies are shown on the queue so it might not even be possible to check it out.
    The same goes with your own characters health, if they are not visible in the queue you can't see their health (if you want to heal you might not remember how much health the characters have).
    Another issue i found on the first boss is when some hex are highlighted because they will be striked by lightining in his turn; if your char is above them is not always easy to see it and i've been striked by lightning because i failed to get out of it just because i couldn't understand if the hex i was on was safe or not.
    You can't see the range or moving range of enemies by clicking on them; don't remember another game of this kind that wouldn't let you check this....

    I'm just at the beginning so can't speak about longevity but i was expecting something more; hope thye adjust and solve some of the nuisances in the next updates...
  4. cawaker

    cawaker Member

    May 27, 2013
    Yeah playing a bunch more, it feels like something is missing either in the healing area, or in the gold collection or in the character power.

    difficulty is still all over the board, and there’s no way to stockpile or earn enough gold to purchase the rarely available health potions, especially with the crippling wound mechanic.
  5. Rocksaint

    Rocksaint Well-Known Member

    Nov 29, 2013
    Rogue-like RPGs live and die by either randomness of each run, or how they feel rewarding and encourages you for another run. May it be intellectually, or materialistically. Look at Hades, Children of Morta, Dead Cells etc. All excellent rogue-like RPGs have that "hook" to keep you pushing again and again. It could either be the story (like Hades), or the unlocks (like Dead Cells) or even both. (like Children of Morta)

    Legends of Kingdom Rush, sadly, misses at all the key ingredients. It's a very polished and challenging game. No doubt. Great looking characters and environment, sound effects are top notch, has a surprisingly deep layer of strategy involved. But somehow, it got the progression all wrong. It does not feel at all fleshed out.

    It's understandable as this is the developers' first foray into a new genre, but even then, you gotta get the basics right. Here, each run is not so different than the previous, unless you diversify the party you decide to bring. And it does not feel rewarding at all at the end of each run. The XP at which each character progresses, is laughable. And even if you level-up, all you get is a new ability which you anyway need to get promoted to use in the next run. I feel that's what kills the game for me. If I am playing a game, that does not respect my time, I'm sorry, but I'm out. Also, the slower rate of character progression also means that it discourages you from experimenting with your party. (Go with level 1 of all 3 with little to no knowledge of their classes and see for yourself)

    Ironhide took a risk, and I commend them for that. It's better than recycling the same thing and releasing a new game, which most developers like doing these days. Just to make that extra buck. But I must admit, even though they got the challenging strategy part right, they got the rogue-like part completely wrong.

    Don't play this as a rogue-like, play this as a strategy game. Pick your best 3, go in and try to complete the game. Don't worry about experimenting with parties, leveling characters up or replaying run after run in order to get better or gain more knowledge. (Unless ofc, you absolutely love the game)
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  6. cawaker

    cawaker Member

    May 27, 2013

    well said, that’s exactly how I’m feeling too.
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  7. gmattergames

    gmattergames Well-Known Member

    Mar 1, 2013
    Hmmmm … I have mixed feelings about the negative feedback the game is getting. Yes, there are some missing mechanics in combat, as it relates to knowing enemy move, range, etc. This would be nice but has just forced me to play mor cautiously. It would be nice to have a “wait” button to allow more tactics and execution of combos. Assume lack of these features were less of an over site and intended to keep it simple.
    Regarding lack of gold, I agree, rarely have enough to purchase items/upgrades by the time you reach vendor; sell option would be nice. Still, I’m enjoying the game, have unlocked all but the witch doctor and look forward to updates that will most certainly come.
  8. GameplayClips

    GameplayClips Member

    Sep 3, 2021

    Legends of Kingdom Rush Apple Arcade Game - New Adventure Update Trailer

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