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    Apr 4, 2016

    We just released Legend of War on the App Store. This is a real time strategy game that we think is quite different from the other strategy games out right now. Give it a try!

    Legend of War is a fantasy real time strategy simulation war game that gives you full control of legions, seige weapons, spells and abilities. Also features an extensive system to level up and evolve your legions as well as building and upgrading your village to strengthen your army.
    *** Gameplay ***
    Utilizes the touchscreen to easily drag paths and manuever legions to gain strategic positions on the enemy. Weaken your opponent by flanking them or by setting an ambush. Bombard a defensive enemy with 2 different types of catapults.

    *** Features ***
    - 9 vs 9 Legion battles with up to 12 units per legion for massive battle scenarios.
    - Various type of unique legions including archers, spearmen, giants, dragons, orcs and more.
    - Unique catapult pull and fire system to launch ordinance on the enemy targets.
    - Village management with buildings and upgrades.
    - Guild system to chat with your friends and send reinforcement troops.
    - Deep character system for upgrading and evolving legions.
    - Story campaign missions as well as the option to raid other players.
    - Replay system for watching and sharing battles.
  2. Wrath

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    May 26, 2011
    Looks pretty good to me, downloading now. Hopefully will be able to do campaign only and not have to worry about being raided by other players...

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