Legend Of Maktar

Kwangsam Kim
Death or Last-Hit! Beautiful Dame! Princess! And her warrior! Heartrending love that surpasses tribes and a call of dest…
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Death or Last-Hit! Beautiful Dame! Princess! And her warrior! Heartrending love that surpasses tribes and a call of destiny! That’s the legend of Maktar! ----------------------------------------------------------------- After “Her Knights,” “Asura Cross,” “Silver Bullet,” Byulbram came back with 2017 newest RPG. A perverse, fresh, and crazy RPG has arrived! If you don’t hit last, you don’t get anything. In this brutal RPG world, there’s a boy who was destined to be a warrior but hasn’t grown due to a lack of exp(from Last-Hit). Now, he is called by destiny and must awaken the legendary power of “Maktar.” Although Maktar, the ultimate power of Divine Punishment, makes opponents’ defense useless, there’s a side effect. And this side effect makes the boy wonder around his various future possibilities. ----------------------------------------------------------------- [Maktar is luck!] Classes changes every time Divine Punishment “Maktar” is used: Using the strong power alters the boy’s destiny; he must walk an alternate path. Character and guild members change because of this. Strategy or luck? Or just pure hard work? ----------------------------------------------------------------- [Unsparingly Maktar!] Over 30 different destinies call to you: Starting from typical classes like adventurer, warrior, thief, priest, wizard, to sorcerer, monk, and heresy judge, collect all the hidden destinies! No raffle in destiny. Hard work and luck, hidden conditions, everything happens for a reason. ----------------------------------------------------------------- [Maktar is friendship! Maktar is love!] With over 30 guild members: Adventurers, dames, legendary mercenaries, and more… More than 30 team members will fight beside you. A beautiful dame! A seductive princess and her future warrior husband! Heartrending love that surpasses tribes and boundaries! The boy of destiny builds friendship and love through adventure. ----------------------------------------------------------------- [Maktar is strategy!] Over 60 kinds of monsters and bosses: Encounter over 60 different kinds of monsters and bosses with their various attributes and abilities. Compose strategic parties and enjoy impromptu formation switching, and proper Last-Hit! ----------------------------------------------------------------- [Remember this!] If your party is too weak, you all die. If your party is too strong, you may not get Last-Hit. And if you don’t get Last-Hit, you don’t get anything. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Evil is our enemy. I compete against myself. Last-Hit is mine. Destiny is calling you, download now!
Seller:Kwangsam Kim
Genre:Role Playing, Strategy
Release:May 11, 2017
Updated:May 13, 2017
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