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According to the convention, an ordinary person will become the hero when the devils blow the horns of invas…
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According to the convention, an ordinary person will become the hero when the devils blow the horns of invasion. However, it seems that destiny has played a cruel trick this time. The chosen man is actually a greedy thief. So this epic fantasy story that would have been happy and tragic, sorrowful, and heroic has begun as a farce.


1. Choose 1-4 characters and allocate their skills.

2. Choose 1 appearance style and determine the positions of the characters in every array.

3. Kill the monster and immediately collect the falling gold coins and soul balls.

4. Find the suitable time to release skills of the characters.

5. Use the gold coins wisely to enhance the character level, skill level, array level, and soul maximum.

6. Recover the blood level of the characters and restore the soul immediately before the battle.

1. About the Arena
Challenge the arena to obtain more gold coins!
The monster level in the arena depends on the average level and odds.
To reduce the difficulty of the arena, it is best to take the characters with lowest level.

2. About Tollgate
The monster level in story mode and normal mode in the tollgate should be the same.
The monster level in challenge mode in the tollgate depends on the average level of appearing characters.
The character will not obtain any experience if you kill a monster under character 3-level.

3. About Damage
The damage of all attacking skills should ignore defense.
The damage of all traps is proportional to health.
The damage from all regular attacks depends on both the personal attack capacity and defending capacity of enemies.

4. About Strengthening
If you want to release the skill continuously, you may go to the soul altar to enhance the soul maximum.
If you want to enhance the skill effect, you may go to the historical remains at nightfall to upgrade the skill level.
If you want to strengthen the team capacity, you may go to the Cella stronghold to upgrade the array level.

5. About Skills
After the characters die, the experiences and gold coins obtained before will be reserved, so it is unnecessary to start again.
After the battle finishes, don’t forget to go to the holy-light church to cure the characters that have lost too much blood.
Before each battle, you should remember to go to the soul altar to fill up the soul balls.

6. About Reward
The property of lucky values and the level differences of both sides may affect the hitting, dodging, and critical striking of the characters.
The number of treasure box keys awarded after passing the tollgate depends on the number of monsters being killed and the number of appearances.
The number of falling gold coins and soul balls by the monster depends on the level of monsters.
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