Android Legend of arena : Whirlwind survival

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    Aug 6, 2020

    You have to survive among countless enemys in the Infinite Coliseum.

    Link to Google Play:

    A given weapon must be strengthened by wielding a single weapon, holding a weapon in hand, killing enemies.
    If you are strong enough, prove your skills and become the best gladiator to earn rewards!

    [Sweep enemies with a whirlwind!]
    Swipe a variety of weapons 360 degrees to wipe out the approaching enemies!
    Find your own playstyle with different abilities for each weapon!
    Equipment is not important. You can defeat all enemies with your physical!

    [Short but impactful play]
    Casual and fun to play on the subway or bus for a short time!

    [Cute gladiators and unique equipment]
    Choose cute gladiators from the tense Coliseum!
    And decorate with a variety of unique equipment!

    [Be the best gladiator!]
    Put your name on the “Best Gladiator”, which is updated every week!
    If you've proven enough, you'll have a reward for it.

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