Left Turn Legend

Raymond Lin
Think you're the best at turning left? The historic world of oval circuit racing awaits you in Left Turn Legend. Collect…
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Think you're the best at turning left? The historic world of oval circuit racing awaits you in Left Turn Legend. Collect legendary stock cars from the past and present, including trucks, muscle cars, and open wheelers. Compete in the asphalt and dirt, or go rogue and drive the wrong way around the track! American stock car racing needs its next big star, and it could be you. TURN LEFT -American stock car racing at its finest! LEGENDARY CARS -75 cars from 80 years of stock car racing are ready to rumble! -Trucks, classics, muscle cars, stock cars, open wheelers - it's all here! LIMITLESS CUSTOMIZATIONS -Create custom paint schemes with hundreds of decal options to choose from! ADVERTISE STUFF -Make money by advertising morally questionable companies! INSANE POWERUPS -Blow up the other cars in the field, or get a turbo boost! The sky's the limit. ONE-TAP GAMEPLAY -Tap to turn left, release to go straight! This has to be easy, right? CRAZY GAMEMODES -Want a change of pace? Take the race to the dirt in Dirt Track Demon mode, or go rogue and run head-on into traffic in Right Turn Rebel mode! SURVIVE AS LONG AS POSSIBLE -Go for as long as you can in endless runner-styled gameplay on the oval circuit! NO MERCY -Wreck your opponents. Rubbin's racing, and wreckin's winning! Become a legend in stock car racing. Work your way up through the ranks, and drive legendary cars! Wreck your opponents, collect crazy powerups, and earn cash. Unlock 40+ achievements as you advance your stock car racing career, and become the greatest Left Turn Legend the world has ever seen by competing in global leaderboards. Enjoying Left Turn Legend and looking for another racing game? Check out The Street King: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/the-street-king/id1615309661 Please see Left Turn Legend's privacy policy before playing: https://raymond-lin.com/static/left-turn-legend/privacy-policy
Seller:Raymond Lin
Genre:Arcade, Racing
Release:Mar 11, 2023
Updated:Nov 24, 2023
Size:324.0 MB
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