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    Continue your education process! Start your language journey. SUPER SALE all weekend long! The price drop from 2,99$ to 0,99$. Remember the offer start from Friday 5th February!!!

    Itunes Links:

    Learn Spanish - http://apple.co/1KXh66P
    Learn French - http://apple.co/1JY9Rkr
    Learn German - http://apple.co/1PzQGgW
    Learn Japanese - http://apple.co/1hJqcwl
    Learn Italian - http://apple.co/1RtEjBO
    Learn Portuguese - http://apple.co/1j7CnTD
    Learn Russian - http://apple.co/2095KDX

    You can also check FREE versions of this apps

    Learn Spanish Free - http://apple.co/1CLgPVK
    Learn French Free - http://apple.co/1P6ri11
    Learn German Free - http://apple.co/1mdeviJ
    Learn Japanese Free - http://apple.co/20q6CcO
    Learn Italian Free - http://apple.co/1SGwBqk
    Learn Portuguese Free - http://apple.co/1YTUM7i
    Learn Russian Free - http://apple.co/1WBDyJW

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