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    Aug 27, 2012
    Let your kids learn animals while playing with Happy Pets! Happy Pets is a guessing game with vivid pictures & kid-friendly interface.

    The kid looks at a random pic of an animal, picks the right name for it from the list and drags it to the image. The female voice says the word if the child is right, and cheers him or her up if the guess is wrong. The kid can also guess the animal by its "diet" - it shows up beside the animal. If you tap the image of an anima, it'll go mew, chirp or whatever. Finally, the user can switch the language to Russian/English right from the menu.

    Happy Pets is a free no-ad app, that has one built-in purchase (you can get more pets for $0.99).

    Watch the video of the game here.

    Lovely vivid pictures of different animals and sounds of nature - with Happy Pets the child can learn the world and have fun!

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