Universal Launch Trailer of The World's First "Green" Endless Runner

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    SAVE animals!
    SAVE the environment!
    DEFEAT enemies!
    TRAVEL through exotic locations!

    WataWaka is a game where you get to free animals from the poachers, run through forests, swing across vines, avoid dangerous falling boulders, spikes of death, and so much more.
    On these missions, animals and tribes needs your help.

    Explore amazing places like volcanoes, dense tropical jungles and scuba through coral reefs while earning awesome abilities and collecting “Green Shots” along the way.

    - Fly across the sky with Squirrel Suits
    - Slow down time with Turtle Time
    - Smash through obstacles with the Twister
    - Challenge your friends
    - Win bonus awards playing Events
    - and much more ..

    Play the App Store’s first “Green” endless runner and help save the environment!

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