iPhone Late Delivery Runner - Free Download!

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    Can you beat this challenge? Late Delivery Runner puts you in the eyes of the most challenging jobs of all time, delivering pizzas. Want even more of a challenge? How about delivery on foot! That's right, you play a carless pizza boy, who's next delivery mean can make the difference between a date or ?.not a date.

    There are ten levels of difficulty. Many have played, but none have earned their stride at level 10. Are you to the task. Download the game and try today. Send me your videos of where you get in the game.

    Like the game? Don't like the game? Or are you a pansy who can't take the challenge? Maybe you just love my devilish charms. We want to know about your experiences Let me know in the comments below.

    We also want to up the challenge soon with new items and power-ups. Let us hear your suggestions and together we can create the ultimate challenge together!

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