Universal Languinis: Match and Spell, a unique twist on Match-3

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    Hi everyone! Tilting Point (best known for Leo's Fortune) is here to reveal their next release, Languinis: Match and Spell. Developed by VRTRON, Languinis offers a brand new mashup of match-3 and word games.

    Languinis is free-to-play and currently in soft launch in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand and will release worldwide on May 14. There are two layers to the gameplay: matching colored tiles to uncover letters and forming words to complete level objectives. The goal is to navigate island to island, freeing imprisoned Languinis as you go.

    Check out the preview video below:

    We know match-3 has been beaten to death with countless clones, but VRTRON has really made something different. We promise that Languinis is 100% free of sugar and gluten. The game contains no candies to crush, cookies to jam, or gummies to drop. Let us know what you think! Hope you enjoy.



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