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Front design with perfect combination of fluidic sculpture and Wind …
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Front design with perfect combination of fluidic sculpture and Wind Craft (brand new design language based on the natural phenomenon of the wind), large inner space and excellent high technology configuration make Langdong more confident and domineering than other vehicles at the same level. Beijing Hyundai Langdong leads a new fashion for intermediate vehicle.

As the interpretation of attitudes toward life and demonstration of personality, Langdong race game also comes to market for free with the launch of avant-garde Langdong vehicle!

With brilliant graphics of Langdong Racing and the support of realistic 3D physics engine, Langdong Racing provides a higher level of games compared to that of the existing racing games. Also, with the support of Retina Display and HD at the same time, the play optimized for iPad can also be used in iPhone. If a separate HDMI component cable is connected, you can enjoy games in TV or monitor.

Driving itself is the challenge as well as the joy for the leading Langdong. You can check the world ranking with an access to Game Center in device, and 1:1 (one on one) multi-play is supported in Wi-Fi or Bluetooth environment.

[Major Contents]

-Langdong’s opening video
-Selection of one type of car and three types of course
-Optimization of Retina Display
-Universal Build
-Support 9 languages: Korean, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Japanese
-Provide various Langdong information including image, video and materials
-1:1(one on one) battle play through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
-Provide world ranking through performance system and webpage
-Provide TV Out mirroring


Please visit the official Beijing Hyundai home page.

Please visit the Langdong micro page.
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Release:Aug 16, 2012
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