Kumo Lumo - (by Chillingo)[Universal]

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    Since Kumo Lumo is still relatively new to most of you. We think it is a good idea to get as many useful, interesting and often impressive facts about the game into your heads as quickly as possible.

    • Kumo Lumo is a wholly original game design and brand. Everything was created in-house by a small group of Blitz Games designers artists, programmers and musicians
    • Kumo is Japanese for cloud. Lumo sort of means ‘light’ but it isn’t really a formal translation. We thought it sounded great when paired with Kumo.
    • Lumo looks amazing on t-shirts, stickers and your bedroom wall. You can buy t-shirts from our store. Stickers can be downloaded for free. You’re on your own with the bedroom wall though…
    • Sheep cease to be of use as sheep once they have been struck by lightning (this is true in the game and in real life).
    • Pirate Foxes LOVE bacon. This is definitely true in-game, research is ongoing in the real world.
    • In the real world, pigs can be converted into bacon via your friendly local butcher. You don’t have butchers in Kumo Lumo, you have LIGHTNING!
    • There is a bug in the game that allows you to come back from the dead if you collect a cloud just after being evaporated. We’re not sure if we should fix this bug or not…
    • Video games are very stressful these days, so in order to combat this all our dangerous, destructive volcanoes have big, bright friendly smiles!
    • Lumo isn’t responsible for all the rain you’ve been seeing lately. He denies everything. He wasn’t even near Wimbledon that day, honest…
    • Daryl, the Team Lumo Art Manager, drew those things that you find in the teacups on the later levels. We have no idea what they are but they make us feel uncomfortable.
    • Pirate Foxes are very, very cute. Sadly they suffer badly from the cold, which is why they set fire to everything.
    • We haven’t yet decided whether or not the sheep, pigs and whales should be flammable… What do you think?


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    I really like the art direction. This looks like a winner.

    Since pirate foxes like bacon, the pigs should definitely be flammable. You would hate to thwart those pirate foxes.
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    Indeed! Will keep an eye for this one :)

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