Kuma's Fireworks Puzzle!

Launch fireworks from a puzzle and light up the night skies!

This time, Kuma has become a... pyrotechnist?! He…
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Launch fireworks from a puzzle and light up the night skies!

This time, Kuma has become a... pyrotechnist?! He travels the world, launching beautiful fireworks and impressing crowds!
No registration needed, and no difficult controls! Download now for free!

“Kuma’s Fireworks Puzzle!” is a free puzzle game featuring Kuma the pyrotechnist, who travels to fireworks festivals all around the world bringing entertainment to crowds and special VIP guests.

It’s really simple to play.
Just slide three or more puzzle pieces together and give them a tap.
When the pieces disappear, colorful fireworks will explode above the fully-3D nighttime vista!
Clear more pieces to get more fireworks, and set the sky alight with different colors.
Make spectators happy to get points (gunpowder) that can be used to make newer fireworks!
There are 40 types of fireworks in all. Launch all different kinds and become a world-class pyrotechnist!

When Kuma’s fireworks have wowed the crowd to their max...
A special VIP will come to see what the excitement is about!
VIPs are characters from presidents to performers who aren’t impressed by normal fireworks.
These difficult VIP guests need special fireworks to satisfy them.

But don’t worry! Launching special fireworks is simple!
Get five or more pieces together and clear them to form an emblem! Then, line up two or more emblems!
With easy controls, you can fire off fantastic fireworks, like the Chrysanthemum, which glimmers in many colors at once, or the Milky Way, which dazzles the entire night sky!

And if you still can't satisfy the VIP,
do some advance research in the Album Menu!
Find out which fireworks that VIP prefers, and you’re sure to win them over!

Satisfy a VIP and get a super-rare commemorative photo,
and also some more gunpowder to create new fireworks!
Please lots of VIPs, create new fireworks, and get Kuma’s fame to soar!
You may even see more important VIPs show up!

The fireworks shows are set at places based on locations all over the world.
Enjoy dazzling fireworks visuals against fully 3D nighttime scenery.

If you can’t go see a real fireworks show this season, have some fun with “Kuma’s Fireworks Puzzle!”
Once it’s downloaded, you don’t need a connection to play. Have some wacky fireworks fun anywhere you like.
With “Kuma’s Fireworks Puzzle,” fun is right around the corner with beautiful visuals and simple controls!

《Kuma’s Fireworks Puzzle! Key Features》
- Over 40 types of fireworks against beautiful nighttime views.
- Simple controls of sliding and tapping puzzle pieces make for fun even for non-gamers!
- Kuma and a whole host of cute animal characters (the VIPs) appear! Dazzle them with fireworks and collect commemorative photos!
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Release:Sep 04, 2012
Updated:Jan 17, 2014
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