iPad Kranky Game’s Bubble Slicer, now available for download on the app store.

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    Bubble Slicer

    *** Warning This Game Is Very Addictive.***

    Test Your Finger Speed! Have Fun Playing Special Bubbles!- Best10apps Review

    Bubble Slicer is a fun iPhone game on “Kranky Beach”. It is an extremely awesome and addictive game with lots of special bubbles. Bubbles spawn very fast and you have to be quick to analyze and slice the bubbles to score higher.


    1.Electric Eel Bubble

    2.Snail Bubble

    3.Coconut Bubble

    4.Starfish Bubble

    Electric Eel Bubble:
    Beware of the Electric Eel try to avoid it as much as you can cause if you don’t it will give you a shock treatment and deduct your score as well in both modes of the game but in endless if You slice it 5 times your game will come to an end.

    Snail Bubble:
    Slice it on will it will slow down the pace of the bubbles easier to slice and hit combos and get big time scores.

    Coconut Bubble:
    Get it every time you see it coming it will make the gameplay easy and you can increase you score
    And get to the top of the game center leaderboard.

    Starfish Bubble:
    Can’t miss this special bubble in both modes of the game.
    In Arcade Mode: Slice 5 starfish bubble and make the game play more fun and score big time.

    In Endless Mode: Don’t miss the starfish bubble if you miss 5 your game will come to an end.

    Special Features:


    Slice 3 bubbles to start hitting combos but to hit a combo your finger speed should be quick otherwise you will miss the combo you can slice up to or more than 8 bubbles at a time to get the outstanding combo which will get you maximum score out of it.

    Have fun playing Bubble slice and don’t forget to rate this App and leave your comment that will be for us to improve and serve you better in our next upgrade for this game.

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