Kontra - Multiplayer FPS

Oleg Sapovsky
Fast paced shooter features multiplayer zombie mode, surf online, deathrun online, deathmatch online and arms race onlin…
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Fast paced shooter features multiplayer zombie mode, surf online, deathrun online, deathmatch online and arms race online. Zombie mode includes different gameplay mechanics: zombie classes and various shop items. Deathrun mode includes knife types and day types. CLASSIC GRAPHICS Optimized graphics with thrilling action gameplay and intuitive controls, to get the most out of mobile fps experience. SKILL BASED SHOOTER No auto aim, no auto fire. Play in training maps, become better and win matches against your friends and others. INTUITIVE CONTROLS Easy controls, easy to learn. Designed for best mobile fps experience. THRILLING LOCATIONS Interesting maps from sci-fi laboratory to huge rats room. INTERESTING GAME MODES 5 game modes featuring different mechanics. Survive in online Zombie Survival game mode. COMMUNITY SERVERS The game does not depend on private master server & servers. You can download publicly available server build to host your own game with Admin/VIP features. Master server is also configurable in settings. OPTIMIZED GRAPHICS TO INCLUDE HUNDREDS OF LOCATIONS Almost no limits to amount of maps in the game. Simple and engaging maps take as little space as possible! DIFFERENT ZOMBIE CLASSES In Zombie Mode different zombie class has different abilities. UP TO 16 PLAYERS Participate in 8vs8 shootout. Become the last out of 15 players to survive zombie outbreak! ZOMBIE MODE Try to survive zombie outbreak! Zombie online begins with one of the players getting infected. Your mission as humans is to eliminate zombies to not let the infection spread. DEATHMATCH MODE Traditional deathmatch mode where two teams, counter-terrorists and terrorists participate in shootout. Whenever you die, you instantly respawn. Kill opponents to earn money and buy better weapons. ARMS RACE MODE Classic arms race where everyone is against each other. Make your way through the cycle of weapons by killing opponents. The first player to complete the whole cycle wins. DEATHRUN MODE The team must avoid obstacles and eliminate the terrorist by reaching the end while the terrorist must stop them by eliminating all players. SURF MODE Compete team vs team. Use your movement skills to reach the place with advanced weapons. Team with most kills wins. MAIN FEATURES: Zombie Multiplayer Deathrun Multiplayer, become a bhop pro Surf Multiplayer Deathmatch Multiplayer Arms Race Multiplayer
Seller:Oleg Sapovsky
Release:Feb 12, 2023
Updated:Feb 25, 2024
Size:767.7 MB
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