Kongfu Punch (Indle Game)

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    Aug 5, 2012

    Another Idle Game by Drill Studio
    Type:Action RPG game
    Artist Style: Asian

    Do not say anything!just fight!Do you like kungfu fight,do like bruce Lee,so don't miss this game!

    Drill Studio produced action RPG "Kongfu punch Forbidden Fist (Bruce Lee Kung Fu Show)" landing google play.
    A typical Chinese style Bruce Lee action style, character design and battle scenes are restored action game unrestrained passion. Battle unfold around the various game settings improve the maturity, allowing the player to experience the most hearty enemy attack.

    and this is the BIG Important updated version!

    - Now you can with the elite enemies, BOSS battle
    - The main character skill system (more skills being produced)
    - For the first time into the game tutorials
    - Level system, more points, 24 levels
    - Role upgrade systems, skills, status, items
    - Now you can buy gold coins to upgrade characters
    - Enemy character animation upgrades
    - The economic system, and now the enemy will drop money



    Android Lite version:

    Android Lite CN version(中文版):

    Android FULL version:

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