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    knows in listen and when I dodged it I was on TV because was at home sweat and urine know could see me and I'm not going to lie now Kafka tagged inches antique or play and okay it was set hair and Me land a half yes %uh up I let's start out with the slut sorry did if it my POF and my friend have but I would have to Marty L ok I'm I Colombo’s dad I the guy said the something cut he wasn't far behind I he hated so can you love you to death for I Dave hey have it cannot remember if I I'm ####er marry well elite test 360 that's easy well no it's not I could have to do rather so think about this one cut you know how it's very easy actually its I've yeah I which has fought back Aaron because it's a one shot deal he’s gone I can never happened but I would marry her mouth I it's not just because you say Merry I was joking when USA question this nowcuz I said no I didn't know she was going to kill off I know what you're thinking on their own are killed a ver. what I write you know mean that that part I did I figured that Colin say on their email could you know I’m a little bit more quieter than acquire them the guys not so up yeah so you know .

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