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    Description :

    Kizz Player is the name of your everyday music player. It is built on two principles : simplicity and utility. This provides you with a good experience when listening to your favorite music on your device.

    Simply transfer your music from your computer to your iPhone or iPad using iTunes and you can have it with you on the go. Also you can easily transfer songs from your iOS device to your PC/MAC using USB transfer and iTunes. No need to sync your iPhone, just use USB transfer. It's just as simple as that.

    Kizz Player supports the following formats : mp3,wav,m4a,mp4,aac,aif.

    Features :

    - Easy to organize and transfer your songs using folders.
    - File operations : copy or move files in a folder, from one folder to another or delete them.
    - File management : create folders, rename folders and delete.
    - Search songs by file name or artist.
    - Repeat and shuffle songs.
    - Create playlists for every occasion and manage them easily.
    - Add files or entire folders to playlists with a single tap.
    - Audio playback in background with screen locked.
    - Album covers.
    - Sleep timer.
    - Open-in feature : open your songs from your mail or cloud based applications.
    - Easy file transmission using USB from the application to computer and backwards.
    - No need of iTunes sync.
    - No other in-app purchases.
    - Fully supports iPhone from 4th gen to 6th and 6+.
    - Supports iOS 7 and 8.
    - Support for bluetooth speakers and headsets.
    - Universal app : you buy it once, you have it on all your devices.

    Download iTunes Link :

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