King's Color (by Smappi)

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    Available on the Google Play Home Page on United States, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland from 10/2014.

    Enter the color blind world of King's Color. Put your brain to play a series of interactive color games. Try and beat your friends, beat your personal best, or go for a perfect score for those perfectionists out there!

    ★ Three mode to test your color blindness. This game will sharpen your skills to react to fast-paced tasks that involves multiple color patterns.
    ★ Friends battle to play against your friends and see who's the best.
    ★ Leaderboards to see where you are in world ranking.

    About game play
    When you look something, you can identify their color quickly. For example, when you look at the apple, you can say it is a red apple.
    However, if you read color of the printed word and the color of the word does not match the meaning of the word. People take a longer time to name the color. In this game, the meaning of the word distracts the player from being able to name the color of the printed word. And the mission of player is read the color of word as much as possible.

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    Perfect for long checkouts, elevators, etc
    Fast to play and clean interface.

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