King Rivals

For centuries has there been a rival between the 4 races: Human, Orc, Elf and the Undead. For centuries have a rival bro…
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For centuries has there been a rival between the 4 races: Human, Orc, Elf and the Undead. For centuries have a rival brought death not only to the peaceful villages, but also to the great forests, the dangerous volcanoes and the mysterious lands of the death, where the shadows of the past rule. For centuries have they fought the rival to take control the realm - the rival which is nowadays referred as the King Rivals: Epic Clash. - Duel players from all around the world in the best real-time game! - Collect and upgrade 40+ troops and spells. - From the lovely Dryad to the tremendous Dragon! - Play now, for free! Lead your army to victory! Fight the enemy clans and defend your army! Open your chests to discover and unlock new powerful warrior and spell! Will you get one of the epic legendary cards? Define your strategy and choose your warriors carefully: - An archer to kill from a distance? - A Royale Golem to break through the defense? - Or a heal spell to give a boost to your troops? - Your decision will make the difference between victory and defeat! - Pick wisely between 40+ characters with unique skills to claim your victory! - Train through multi levels of battle to get to the top! - Unlock new cards by open all the rare, legendary and epic chests! - Destroy opponent’s gate and castle to claim massive of reward chests! - Duel with global players in the epic war clashes! - Command your troops and let them engage in head to head battles! - Fight with ancient monster which has never seen on a defense game! - Build a strong deck and crush your enemy's castle deploying your troops! - Earn trophies and climb the global ranking! * Potentially to be the best multiplayer strategy game 2019! Join now this epic card game, enjoy fighting with your friends and the players all over the world. * Note from the creator: Maybe it's too soon to reveal anything about this interesting project; but King Rivals is the first MOBA game that we've invented with love, creativeness and the superb effort of peoples behind Hit Games - Century City and Sky Dancer.
Genre:Card, Strategy
Release:Jun 05, 2019
Updated:Jun 12, 2019
Size:487.2 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal