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    The official topic for the game is now up:

    I'll be answering questions over there so if you want to know anything about the game, don't hesitate to ask in that topic!

    Also, here's the official promo video for King Cashing 2:

    --- Release date ---
    King Cashing 2 now has an official release date: February 28th! We'll keep you posted as the release gets nearer!

    --- Old info ---

    Original info:
    King Cashing 2 has been in development for a while now and it's finally coming up together. For now I want to point out some of the design ideas and decisions backing the current features of King Cashing 2.

    General appearance
    The first King Cashing used simplistic graphics. Our goal was to make it look like a slot machine. It had to feel like someone modified a real machine to include RPG rules. I think we managed to fulfill that goal, but in retrospect it was a bad idea. One of the main problems was that 3 different people worked on the graphics. One did the pixel art, another did the UI and another one did the enemies and map. This made it hard to make everything fit together. And the other problem is that it looked too much like a slot machine. It didn't help when sending previews because it was thought as just another slot machine game.

    In King Cashing 2, only one person is making all the graphics. (It's the same guy that did the enemies) And this time we want the game to be much more visually appealing. It's going to be a game first and a slot machine second. Apart from the spin button and the reels it won't look like a machine at all. We will show a party member during battle as well as the enemy. And they'll both use a huge section of the screen. This will give a much better sense of battle. The symbols are still going to be in pixel art since this fits well in the reels. But everything else will be drawn and the general feel will be much better. Also, it'll support iPad's retina to get the maximum out of graphics.

    Telling a story
    Many people were happy that King Cashing 1 didn't feature a story since it was mostly a touch and play game. There was no need for a reason to fight. But many people also wanted a story. This was, and still is a recurring comment in the ratings. Personally, I'm the kind of person who wants the story kept to a minimum. I must admit that when I try a new game, if there's any introduction, I actively look for a skip button. We're talking about portable, on-the-go games and I have no time to invest myself in a story. BUT, we also didn't want the game to have no story like the first one. So we had to find a way to include a story without bothering those who do not want one. And for me, using a skip button is one step too much. So we found a way to tell a story in a totally optional way. It's right there at all time, but you do not need to concentrate on it in any way. It might sound strange but you'll understand when you see some screenshots in some weeks. But anyway, King Cashing 2 features a "raison d'ĂȘtre" that should help people who want a story get through the game in a less mindless way.

    I do not want to spoil too much, but the game now takes place in the present time. The King is still there, back from the grave and now has a larger army by his side. His motivation? Cashing out more gold, and the occasional brain. I guess we could say this is a zombie game but the emphasis is not put on that aspect. We do not want to be labelled as just another zombie game, like King Cashing was labelled as just another slot machine game.

    Core mechanics
    We won't remove what made King Cashing fun. The core mechanics will be the same. There are some small changes to allow some weapons to have special effects like slowing down the reels for example. Also, some enemies might fight back but this will be in a very simplistic way like removing your attacker from the reel or stuff like that. The King and his army do not have HP since the cherries are still the indicator for your health.

    Party members
    In King Cashing 2, it will be possible to equip party members. Like the weapons, you can equip 3 party members at once. The game will feature 6 party members to choose from. Each party member will have their own set of weapons to do criticals with. Each party member will also have a unique feature. This whole system will allow more than 100 party combinations.

    There will be much more loot in this game compared to King Cashing 1. Each party member will have at least 35 weapons for their class and each of these weapons will have a quality indicator, like before. There will also be bonus items that modify the drop rates of certain items. This means you'll be able to equip bonuses that will make melee weapons drop more often, for example. Other bonuses will boost the level of your party members. The old bonuses will also be returning for those seeking gold and experience. And since the game takes place in the present time, the weapons will feature guns, melee weapons, animals (yes, cats) and much more.

    King Cashing 1 had 1 world. King Cashing will have at least 4 worlds at launch. The first world won't be too long since it acts as an introduction, but starting from world 2 they will be about as half long as King Cashing 1, each. The worlds will feature battles as usual but also shops, chests and more!

    I wanted King Cashing 1 to have chip tunes because the game looked like an old machine and also because I love chip tunes. But since King Cashing 2 will feature a more graphic experience, chip tunes are out of the question. So we hired another guy to make all the music for the game and we are blown away by what he did. While King Cashing 1 featured 4 different tracks, King Cashing 2 more than doubles that. We now have a main theme, one idle and one battle track for each of the worlds and an epic boss battle song. The music will fit with the new graphics to give a very nice experience during the whole game.

    Here's a preview of one of the track, released on 2012-09-28

    What's left to do
    King Cashing 2 still has a little way to go before release. Some screens have not been designed and programmed yet. But soon the whole basic structure will be completed: Game selection, World selection, Level selection, Battle and Equipment. Once these are done, all the levels will be integrated and the balancing and testing will start while the rest is being done. From that point on, it'll go quite fast.

    When I look at what is done, I'm very proud of where this project is going and I can't wait to hear the comments from the players. We are definitively bringing King Cashing to the next level!
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    May 23, 2011
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    YES!!!! :eek: Loved the first one and man I'm sure I'm gonna love this too :D
  3. krautboy

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    Apr 20, 2011
    That sounds awesome! King Cashing 1 ruled and i'm really looking forward to part 2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and process,excellent read.
  4. superninja

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    Aug 6, 2012
    Wow, that's some dope stuff!
    Very impressive!
  5. iharry

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    Jul 4, 2011
    These drawings are insane but i like them a lot! :D
  6. slewis7

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    Apr 6, 2011
    Houston, TX
    I am very much looking forward to KC2. Thanks for the detailed preview.
  7. Kevd

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    Mar 22, 2009
    Can't arrive fast enough.... Looks awesome!
  8. undeadcow

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    Dec 4, 2010
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    Looking forward to King Cashing 2, bring it on!
  9. Underwater

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    Jul 27, 2012
    King Cashing is one of my first iPod games, and it's still on my iPod. Really looking forward to the sequel!
  10. tops2

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    Jan 21, 2011
    Sounds good! Hopefully an "encyclopedia" of discovered items is added this time for those looking to complete the owning all equipment achievement. ;)
  11. multimage

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    Thanks for the comments everyone! I'm glad people are looking forward to KC2!

    Yes this is planned. It'll probably be a text list with check marks beside each item you got. This will prevent spoiling all the item images.
  12. Puce Moose

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    Sep 1, 2011
    That's great to see more detail about the release! As one of the "story proponents" I'm glad to see that it's getting some attention.

    Great use of color in the preview character portraits; give that artist a pat on the back!

    Is a bestiary going to make it into the release?
  13. unexpect3rd

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    i love games that mashes up genres and not screw either up. Looking forward to this
  14. multimage

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    I know it was a much requested feature in KC1 so it's on the list, but not a release priority. If it's not in the release it'll probably be in one of the first updates.
  15. Dave in the basement

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    Jul 29, 2011
    Very much looking forward to this! Please keep the updates coming, as long as they don't push back the release date. ;)

    All hail the king, baby!
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    Here is the concept art of the Melee Fighter. She uses melee weapons for her critical hits. There are 5 sub-classes of melee weapons: Gauntlets, Blades, Whips & Chains, Hammers and Clubs.

    Here's how party members will work in King Cashing 2:
    Soon after the game starts, you'll be able to pick up a party member from the pool of six. You'll then have that party member alone for a little while until you reach a certain point where you'll be able to pick up another one, and so on. This allows to choose a party member depending on your taste but also depending on your loot. If you got many good guns and still don't have the gun fighter (Brad), it'll be wise to pick him up to maximize the damage you can do during combat.

    Also new in the game is the individual party member leveling. With each level you'll get 1 skill point that you can put in any party member you have unlocked. You'll also be able to put that skill point in cherries like in King Cashing 1. The choice is still yours. This time you can also keep your points and distribute them later on in the game.

    So that's it for this update. Work is still ongoing on the equipment screen. (The iPad 3rd gen's resolution is giving us headaches right now) As soon as this is done, work will start on the actual "slot machine" and screenshots will soon follow! Thanks everyone for your support!
  17. multimage

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    Here is the concept art for the Alchemist. This character introduces a different way to play during battles. The alchemist uses potions as a weapon. Potions do low damage but they add buffs and debuffs. For instance, one potion slows down the reels for easier aiming. Another one does poison damage each turn. The number of turns the potion lasts depends on the potion's quality and other factors. For instance, doing a critical with the alchemist makes the potion last longer than if the potion was used alone. The potions are still being tested so they might get tweaked a little but they'll add a brand new experience to the game!

    The equipment screen is finally done, minus the final graphics and some tweaks. I was really disappointed when I tested the second iteration of this screen early this week. I realized that it was not going to work because it was lagging too much and because it was tedious to browse through a large inventory. So I had to start this screen over again for a THIRD time... But this was for the best! The experience is now much more fun and I can finally move on to other parts of the game.

    That's it for this update! I need to code now!
  18. multimage

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    Here is the concept art for the tamer. The tamer uses animals as her main weapon. Animals are similar to other weapons like melee weapons and guns but they bring variety in the battles since they are visually different and have much more unique sounds.

    As for the progress on the game, I'm finally working on the "machine" screen and it's been an awesome week. Most of the stuff is working fine and I'm now finishing with the attack animations and effects of attack. Next week will be spent making sure the machine works flawlessly and I'll probably have time to start the level up screen and the chest screen. Testing will probably start the week after that. Balancing will be ongoing until the end of the game from that point on.

    That's it for this update! I'll try to post again next week!

  19. birdgrl09

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    Feb 27, 2012
    Great looking game so far!! Can't wait for KC2! Any estimated release date or did I miss that somewhere in one of these updates? Thanks!
  20. Misguided

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    Jan 27, 2009
    38 did I miss this thread?

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