KillaTron 2112

Excellent! - ★★★★★

by Drelbs2345 - September 2010

You know that particle in/out effect in Robotron? T…
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Excellent! - ★★★★★

by Drelbs2345 - September 2010

You know that particle in/out effect in Robotron? This app has it nailed! The action is fantastic, the sound effects are a tad odd, but this is easily the best Robotron clone I've played on the device and one of the better dual-stick shooters I've played overall. No-brainer purchase for Robotron

Finally - a Decent Robotron Type Game For iphone - ★★★★★

by Kidmo99 - Version 1.0.0 - 31 August 2010

You guys figured it out. Bring back the classics as similar as possible and you're gold. Great job guys. Love this one. Please bring us games LIKE :) Defender, Phoenix, gorf, jungle hunt, venture, pitfall, gyruss, tempest, warlords, crystal castle, mr. Do etc. Alright, I'm going to play some more Killatron. Later!

So addictive - ★★★★★

by Ozzy2056 - Version 1.0.0 - 11 September 2010

What an awesome game. I never liked retro-games, but you HAVE to try this.

Killatron is a good old fashioned kill or be killed game in the same class as Robotron, just pure raw action. You are an intergalactic android ant, not an ordinary ant a killing machine kind of ant.

The action starts with you in the middle of a screen full of enemies, you must move around and kill everything in your way, stand still for a second and your dead.

To help you survive this mass onslaught, you have your family of intergalactic android children. They run helplessly around the screen but whenever you rescue one of them, your fire power increases dramatically for a short time enabling your bullets to rip thru everything in their path.

Powerups sometimes appear after you have killed a baddie and when picked up can give you three way firing, bouncing bullets that cascade all around the screen, rotating bullets which fire automatically in a circle around you. All of these powerups can be combined together along with rescuing your children to make you quite a killing machine for a while.
You may be small, but your no pushover.

Watch out for the smart bomb, this is a yellow sinister looking face that floats around, pick one of these up and bang, everything on the screen instantly explodes, apart from the good guys of course.

Key points

You start with 5 Lives.
Extra life awarded after every level completed.


Normal bullets
Bouncing bullets
3 way bullets
Rotating bullets

Recue your children and any of your bullets is a super bullet.

Smart bombs to instantly end the level by blowing up all the baddies.

Different enemy types

Grunts that relentlessly close in on your position.

Turrets that fire at you.

Tanks that roam around and stop and try and shoot towards you.

Blockers that kill you when you run into them.

Bouncing balls that relentlessly spawn grenades, these then explode and spawn rockets.

Asteroids, shoot these and they spawn even more and more asteroids.

Lasers, these can be anywhere on the edge of the screen, slowly moving back and forth randomly firing a lethal death ray, so watch out.


You have a choice of controls

1) Two joysticks, one for firing in any direction and one for moving.

2) One Joystick to move and auto fire in your direction of travel and a button which locks your current firing direction this allows you to run away still firing in the previous direction.

You can choose right or left handed player to swap the controls around.

High Scores

There is also a traditional high score table to enter your name into the hall of fame.
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