Kiko: The Last Totem! by Fabulapps coming to iPhone and iPad

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    We wanted to announce you our new iPhone and iPad game: Kiko: The Last Totem!

    On a mysterious island, in a lost world... Kiko was watching over the last totem of the Gods. This totem was a protection for the island.
    One day, Yaru, the Lord of the forbidden mountain stole it. The Gods became very angry. Now Kiko needs you to get the precious totem back before Yaru destroys it! Will you help him?


    Plenty of Levels

    Unlock over 150 awesome levels through 3 beautiful worlds in the island. Divided in three difficulties, you will have to recover the fifthteen pieces of the precious totem that Yaru stole by solving smart and interesting puzzles. A gameplay simple and fast to learn. Easy to pick up and play!

    Create your Own Levels

    Use the integrated Level Editor to create and play your own levels! Featuring dozens of items and decorations. Using a simple drag’n drop system, create YOUR level and challenge your friends on it!

    Challenge your friends!

    Kiko: The Last Totem includes a really unique feature that allow you to create your level and to send it to your friends by e-mail! Your friends will click the link you sent them and your level will be added to their game! How fantastic is that?
    Create a great level and challenge them on it!

    Other features

    The game is optimized for the Retina Display and multitasking. It also includes Game Center for the achievements and leaderboards.
    Kiko: The Last Totem will be available for iPhone at only $0,99 and for iPad at $1,99.

    Available on the Appstore on October 28th.

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    Kiko is so cute! Haha. I sense some good things for this.

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