Kick the buddy Independence now free!

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  1. My last post for tonight cause I gotta go to sleep!

    Most of you probably know what this game is all about, you have a strawman dummy, and you throw him around, and after you gain some points, you can buy things like knives, guns, etc, to punish some more.

    Kind of a game for bullies I guess, but it is fun nonetheless. Does promote violence, so probably not a good game for little children.

    Kick the buddy 1 was one of the first games I bought on my iphone, but they came out with a newer game, and pulled the first version. I was mad at the time, because I deleted it, but couldn't reinstall it because they pulled it, much like Electronic Arts pulled tetris on me, so now I don't have tetris.

    But now I got this game for free, and it's got great graphics on my new ipad.

    So now I feel better about them pulling the first game on me, guess we're even.

    Definately worth the download. All 5 games I put up today, are totally worth downloading. Good day for apps.

    If someone could link this for me, I would appreciate it.

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