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Discussion in 'iPhone and iPad Games' started by Kalimba, Nov 25, 2010.

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    Just wanted to post the description of my latest effort. I know that everyone isn't into word games, but I am. I looked closely at some of the more popular App Store words games I was playing and decided that they were mostly interesting, but didn't have the most friendly, fun and/or attractive user interfaces. So I built my own game, Word Flurry, to address those issues.

    I think I've built a fun, entertaining game with (most importantly) a responsive UI, and I think others will like it too. Check my signature for the relevant links.

    Word Flurry App Store description:
    Prepare for what may be the easiest to play word anagram game yet. Word Flurry takes the classic anagram word finding game and adds what the other games are missing -- playability. You’ve played the rest, now play the best!

    The Word Flurry rules are simple: arrange the 6 puzzle letters into as many words as possible. Play a Casual game at your own pace, or play against the clock for an added Challenge.


    ★ Slick user interface built specifically for speedy game play and ease of use.
    ★ Over 1,000 hand-crafted puzzles, using the Tournament and Club Word List, TWL06.
    ★ Play puzzles with the full unabridged dictionary, or with common "everyday" words only.
    ★ Comes with soothing background music, or play your own iPod tunes.
    ★ Crisp, colorful graphics and animation.
    ★ Uses OpenGL for better responsiveness.
    ★ Designed specifically for iPhone and iPod Touch.


    Don’t wait, pick up Word Flurry today! But be warned -- the ease of use makes this game
    very addictive, and once you’ve played Word Flurry, you may find the others impossible to play! Word Flurry will quickly set the standard for usability.

    Made entirely in the USA. Support indie game development!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Haha, I just randomly checked Google for this today and I only missed the release by four days, not bad :)

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