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    Hi All

    Just thought I'd let you know that we have Kahoots is due to release on the iphone/iPod and plus a HD version for iPad on the 30th November.

    ItÂ’s an action puzzle game where you have to navigate a safe exit for the Kahoot by swapping the blocks that form the floor. The game features 50 levels and OpenFeint achievements and High Scores.

    There will be a whole bunch of things coming out in support of the launch including the revamp of our dedicated website www.savethekahoots.com. This has a bunch of downloadables which will be released periodically in the run up to the iDevice launch. This week we have made available the music video in support of the title which you will be able to link to here. Next week we will have our first free downloadable game to play.

    Pop along to the site.


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