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    hello everyone!
    ZnusSoft NewGame Release!
    Title : k.o.fantasy
    have a good time

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    King of Fantasy is made by Znus soft and You!

    Handsome heros have a lot of things to do. They fight with servants of the load of Darkness, fall in love with ladies, etc.
    The hero who in our game doesn't have a girl friend and he isn't an interest to seeking the world. But he leaves travel because wants to show off.
    He have three knives which he bought in used shop, and he left travel.
    He dig up a field, a glacier, a cemetery, and he develop ability. Finally, he is taken part to a player to a match to be held in front of a king in the Colosseum.
    The successful story of a hero who wants to show off begins. King of Fantasy!!

    A genre: Traditionally width-scroll action style. We made it so as we used easy degree of difficulty, and to be able to enjoy everybody it.
    -You make a battle according to characteristics of a monster as you select a suitable knife.
    -A boss monster appearance various each stages.
    -It is a battle with monsters of each field in the Colosseum.
    -You can purchasing an item and implementation of inventory in stores.
    -Exterminate an enemies as you use summons magics and an aggressive items.
    -We raise quality by high resolution works.

    -Bug adjustment
    -User collections of suggestion are preparing.

    --A game way--
    -Move a character to right and left, and you remove an enemy on a knife by direction keys.
    -You can make on fatal damage from enemies as fitted for monster characteristics as you replace a knife.
    -You attack HP and an enemy to the items which you equipped to a slot in stores.
    -You give the damage to be strong to dark magic and summons magic items, and you can attack a multiple enemy.
    -You dig up a rugged landform well as you use two steps of jumps and dash etc..but shall go.
    -You shall get from three stars as detecting the crystal which each stage was hidden.
    -Defeat a multiple enemy, and you succeed in quest, and let's get from an epithet of a hero in the Colosseum as you acquire an item.

    -Update will be performed freely periodically. We will recompense to a lot of love and interests.
    -Bug reports and suggestion matter writes it to http://www.facebook.com/jung.younggoo. We accept an opinion, and we will supplement it.

    Are you ready to enjoy?!


    *An additional element if you buy legitimate goods.*

    -An addition of the weapon which you ware not able to use at Lite!!
    -More various magics and a splendid effect.
    -A boss monster and stage of various configuration overflowing!
    -The Colosseum stimulating your virtual limit.

    Preparation all these things stimulated you, and to attract its heart worked.
    Did you preparation to leave in the world of fantasy now?!
    Buy now!!

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