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    I should first apologize if this is in the wrong place, because it's not really about any game in particular. There's something I've been wanting to see more games do for a while and this seems like the kind of game that would be perfect for such a thing... User generated content.

    I think there's a huge, un-tapped market for user-generated content, especially on the mobile platform. Now, I don't know how easy it would be to have puzzle games, the hundreds of sokoban games, fps games, action/adventure games or otherwise to allow for in-game level editors. But it would be such a great idea for the specific developer (and it's community of followers) to input their own user-created content to be downloaded and added through the game. Games like Cube Runner II and Labyrinth were great examples of this, and those games (for a good while) were a hit.

    I'm not suggesting that you're not getting your money out of a title, but I often time dredge through the itunes store and if I see a title over 1.99 and find it only has let's say 30 levels, I pass it up. I immediately wonder how fun that game would be if you had a limitless (or potentially limitless) bucket of new content to create/share with others. That's why I love games that randomly generate their content. What this does is validates the re-playability of a game by leaps and bounds. I'd have a very hard time putting down a game if I knew that I was going to get a different experience with it every time I turned it on. Once you play through Star Wars, Kroll, or other initially high budget games you're basically done. While the "fun factor" of the game can be experienced over and over, it's still the same experience (or so much like it, it might as well be the same). I would also be more than willing to pay more for a game if I knew I was going to get more enjoyment out of it (or at least more time).

    Any thoughts?

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