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    - Hey, you, little Lionheart, on the other side of the screen! Do you like the smell of adventure? Then welcome to the Jungle!
    How about an educational game that is full of interactivity, animations, fun, vocal and sounds for many repeat plays? Jungle game provides endless entertainment and learning to your kids!


    In this Jungle game your children will play & quickly learn how to count and recognize colors and shapes.
    Jungle game is packed with 10 different mini-games:
    > Tap & catch the hidden parrots - learn counting and pronunciation. Hearing the counting pronounced helps children to better remember the order of the numerals as well as get used to the counting procedure. Way to learn how to count!
    > Help Froggy to cross the swamp - interactive activity
    > Spot the hidden monkeys - learn counting and pronunciation
    > Help panda to choose the bucket - learn colors and pronunciation.
    > Play catch with two snakes - learn counting and pronunciation
    > Let's brush Croco's teeth - interactive activity
    > Help Leo to make a soup - interactive activity
    > Collect coconuts with Mister Crab - learn counting and pronunciation
    > Connect the dots - teaches children recognition of names of common shapes (such as a square, rectangle, triangle, circle and oval). When children succeed in connecting all of the dots, the outline is delightfully transformed into a geometric figure.
    > Find all the hidden chameleons - learn counting and pronunciation.
    Besides being entertained, your kid will build vocabulary, memory, and cognitive skills while playing.
    Your child will love playing Jungle, and you'll be able to relax, knowing your child is learning while having great fun.

    - Beautiful illustrations and a rich narrative on every page
    - Enjoy numerous engaging and fun animations on each page
    - Doesn't contain any in-app purchases.
    - Not contain ads

    - Kids love our games. Parents love to see their preschool-aged children being both educated and quietly happy.
    - We strive to give children just the right balance between education and fun.
    - Great both for children only beginning to learn and those who need additional practice.
    - It is a great kindergarten or preschool game that is educational without taxing the brain too much.

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