Jundroo's SimplePlanes airplane creation game coming to iOS soon

Discussion in 'Upcoming iOS Games' started by RenTin850, Oct 30, 2014.

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    Hey guys not sure if it was posted before but I just received an email from Jundroo I thought I'll share. From the developers that brought us SimpleRockets and SimplePhysics, comes a physics based airplane creation game called SimplePlanes. It's released for PC and OSX but is currently in early development. They are hoping to release it for iOS sometime in December. Looks very promising if you're into airplanes and physics. Coming from Jundroo, I'm sure the physics are going to be great in this game. One of the developers said "I really feel this will be the greatest game we've ever made." You've got to be excited about that if you love physics games! This one is definitely something to look forward to guys!


    Create Airplanes
    The sequel to SimpleRockets and SimplePhysics is available now! Build airplanes in 3D with an easy to use designer. Simulate your airplanes with realistic physics and see how they fly.

    Create Airplanes - Snap parts and wings together, adjust control surfaces, wire up control inputs and more.

    Realistic Physics - Everything you build is realistically simulated.

    Realtime Damage - Parts can break off, but if you have the skills you can keep flying.

    Drag Model - Drag is calculated based on the actual geometry of your airplane.

    Sandbox Mode - Build what you want, fly where you want, play how you want.

    Hey guys! I have just received a new trailer for the game and word from Jundroo that the game is getting pretty close for release. Here is the new trailer for the upcoming SimplePlanes! Let me know what you guys think!


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    Hey, thanks for posting this. I like all of their games and I'm sure this will find a home on my iPhone.

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