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    Jan 25, 2012
    Hey guys! It's been a while! Since I put AWESOME Land and MANOS: The Hands of Fate out on Android a couple of years back, I'd been busy making Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures on PC (which will also be out on Wii U within the next month or two), but now I'm back to announce my new mobile game, Jump'N'Shoot Attack!

    Everything you hate about mobile games? This is the opposite of that. - Destructoid

    In the year 30XX… The president of Earth 4 has been kidnapped by evil space mutants known as the Xatharr! Louise Lightfoot, “The Master of Jumping and Shooting” has been recruited to find and rescue him! There’s no time to lose!!

    This game marries the concepts of traditional platform gaming, and “NES Hard”, with a simple two-touch mobile control scheme (think Kid Tripp - in fact, Mike Burns was a big inspiration here, and supplied some input). Expect visual and audio homages to the likes of Mega Man, Metroid, Journey to Silius and more classics!

    Jump’N’Shoot Attack’s mission is to create an authentic NES-like experience players can carry around in their pocket, without the downsides of unresponsive virtual buttons or fiddly touch controls. The game achieves this by using a gameplay style similar to popular ‘runner’ games, refined to allow precision platforming, paired with a traditional video game structure; a set of stages with a beginning, middle and end rather than the infinite-scrolling score attack game players have come to expect.

    - No virtual buttons
    - No pointless In-App Purchases
    - Loads of stages - This is not an 'endless' runner!

    Many retro gamers don’t have much interest in mobile gaming due to “virtual buttons” not being responsive enough, and the “free to play” model offering “endless” games with no goal other than to pay more money for more unnecessary features. Jump’N’Shoot Attack has been designed and built with these people in mind, the two-touch control scheme is perfect for a touch-screen, the game has a beginning, middle and end, the challenge is high with no loss of responsiveness, and the game is to be sold at an upfront price with no IAP or ads.

    Coming February 2015!

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