Jump For Fish (Pre Release introduction)

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    Apr 25, 2011
    Our game will be release on App Store on August 14 2012 , just have a look,

    I think it should be the warmest fishing game you've ever seen. :)

    Promotion Code is ready for anyone who is interested in our game or can make reviews for us , please feel free to cotact us by mail: 283905160@qq.com

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    Game Info.
    Jump for Fish is a leisure game that is full of warmth. Otter mother has been pregnant. Otter daddy heads out early and returns late every day to catch fish for the family. After the sensible otter baby grows up, he also joins the catching. This family has constructed a simple and the warmest story ever.

    Let’s meet with the lovely otter family:
    Otter daddy: Catches day and night to support the whole family. Being a man, who are not doing the same?
    Otter mom: Originally a business woman. Although she is pregnant, but she still keeps up all the housework. Being a woman, that is not an easy job especially for a pregnant woman.
    Otter baby: The most joyful time in our life must be the childhood. Being a baby, just need to eat and play all day!
    Otter brother: After all these years, he’s been watching the hardworking father and mother to worry about the family, he is now learned to be a responsible person. Being the elder brother at home, he is going to share the catching job with daddy.

    Game operations:
    Only needs a finger to operate on the screen. You can produce trampolines in different angles for the otter to jump and catch the fish. Certainly, you must pay attention of the repugnant nets.

    Game characteristics:

    1. Five big fishing islands. The beautiful island scene combines with the wonderful sound effects to let your body experiences the greatest relaxation.
    2. Five special tools to help on catching. It makes your fishing experience smoother with tremendous fun.
    Fish nimbus: The clouds will drop down the fish cakes. Let see how many you can catch!
    Fish magnets: The magnet will make the otter charming the fish. The fish will fall in love with the otter and comes by themselves.
    Double fish: If you luckily bump into the double fish, all the catching will be double up.
    Protection bubble: Protects the otter with any accidents when jumping.
    Trampoline package: Save your life with any jumping error.
    3. A warm family game mode. Let’s witness the baby otter growing up and becoming a real hero.
    4. Operates more than one otter. Father and son catches together. More challenges and more fun!
    5. No ads, No IAP to give everyone the most pure leisure game.
  2. helloseeing

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    Apr 25, 2011

    Nonoe want promotion code?

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