More games! More than anime! "STEINS; GATE ELITE", which is a full-length animation, is coming to iOS! The fate of the w…
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More games! More than anime! "STEINS; GATE ELITE", which is a full-length animation, is coming to iOS! The fate of the world has been left to the way mobile phones are handled! *IPhone 7 and later, iPhone 7 Plus and later, iPod touch 7th and later, iPad 6th and later, iPad mini 5th and later, iPad Air 3rd and later, iPad Pro 2nd and later are highly recommended. *Video and audio playback may be disturbed or delayed on devices other than the recommended devices. *Maximum required capacity is 8GB. *This app downloads up to 6GB of additional data. It is strongly recommended to use Wi-Fi environment for downloading. *If the device is low on available space, additional data may be forcibly deleted by OS specifications. *All the languages in the game are Japanese. - Features *The phone trigger system is installed! Unexpected stories about how mobile phones are handled in the game! *The special terms in the game are in the TIPS LIST, and you can read the explanation! *CONFIG allows you to change various settings and enjoy your favorite play style! *Full animation ADV! *The scene which was not drawn in the TV animation is newly produced by "WHITE FOX" who was in charge of the TV animation production! *Optimized for easy viewing of @chan's scene for mobile! *Of course the voice is full voice! *Total playing time is over 40 hours! *It's universal, no matter what device you're using, like your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. *Save data of games is compatible with iCloud! Save data can be shared and played on different devices! *It is compatible with the game center where you can compete in achievement level of the game! *The OP movie and the ending are in accordance with the consumer version. - Tag Line The 12th theory that could even blaspheme God-- That is a product of chance we obtained. - Product Summary The 2nd volume of the science ADV series 'STEINS; GATE' has been reconstructed with animation, and the ELITE specification is designed to give you a more realistic and immersive feeling. Many of the situations and scientific concepts referred to in the game have been plucked from real science; the story-line is therefore credible and intellectual stimulating for players. - How to play Intuitive touch panel controls ensure a smooth game-play experience! Two-finger tap (Or pinch-in): Show/hide game menu Horizontal swipe-in from outside screen: Show game menu Horizontal swipe-out to outside screen:Hide game menu (while displaying) Tap: Forward text, Confirm Swipe Down: Show log screen Swipe Up: Hide message area Swipe Right: Skip read messages Swipe Left: Force message skip One-finger tap and hold: Auto mode ・Back up your save data to iCloud Choose "SAVE DATA" - "BACKUP" from title screen and the save data will be backed up to iCloud. (Documents and Data is required to be ON in iCloud settings) ・Restore your save data from iCloud Choose "SAVE DATA" - "RESTORE" from title screen and the save data will be restored to your device. (※Your save data on your device will be overwritten) - Story Rintato Okabe known as "Okarin" is a university student with second-grade syndrome. He is a self-proclaimed mad scientist named as "Kyoma Hououin". He is the founder of what he calls the "Future Gadget Laboratory" where he spends most of his time inventing odd things along with two other members. One day, they accidentally invented a "time machine" that could send text messages to the past... SERN, John Titor, an old computer "IBN5100", the time machine and butterfly effect, the 11 theories for time traveling.- When a number of factors coincide, a global-scale event will break out from Akihabara! Entrusted with the fate of the future, which decision will Okarin make?
Seller:MAGES. Inc.
Genre:Adventure, Role Playing
Release:Oct 17, 2019
Updated:Nov 20, 2019
Size:1.5 GB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal