Universal [JP] Final Fantasy VII G-Bike (By Square Enix Inc)

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    Final Fantasy VII G-Bike (By Square Enix Inc)

    Size: 34.7 MB
    Price: Free






    App info is currently processing and/or the app is not yet fully available for sale on the US App Store.
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    Omg! But free?? I'm sensing something is very wrong...

    Edit: Revamped graphics! Looks stunning... in the photos.

    Damnit the item is temporarily unavailable so I can't grab it. I'm guessing it's going to be some online "runner" type game though. I'm not having high hopes since all of SQE free games are pretty much like this (and mostly terrible).
  3. There is another thread, please go there to talk about the game.
  4. What are you talking about? There is no other thread for this game. I haven't seen one and went through search as well. The only other thread I see is in the upcoming games section. Do you have the link to the other thread?

    And there's not too much to talk about since the game can't be downloaded yet.
  5. VaroFN

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    The game's only available in Japan IIRC.
  6. Actually I'm not even sure how many people in Japan have this. It's been unavailable for download for a very long time...
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    I'll download it and will write a small review here
  8. sinagog

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    Aug 15, 2014
    We could talk about how it looks like Square must be in the process of revamping FFVII, and turned the early chopper sequence into a minigame taster.
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    I want to believe that but I've been believing that even when they made the tech demo. I don't have much faith in SQE when their mobile department can't evn fix ios8 compatibilites for 2 months.

    I bet even if they made a new ff7 it'd be a free 2 play game or a "renta" to try and milk it for all it's worth.

    Edit: my download is starting!

    Edit 2: The game won't even run. I get to the title screen and after I touch the start it gives me a message. I can't read the kanji but it shows some warning then sends me to safari to open up their main website page. Maybe there's some kind of error or region block? I'm confused.. This is why I hate online games. This is like reason 15 out of 100.
  10. leocold

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    thats exactly what i think it is a region block, i tried vpn with a japanese server and it started to load but i gave up my internet is slow, go download tunnel bear vpn from the store then you can chose japan and connect with a japanese id it might work, but i dont get it region lock on a mobile game? what if a japanese guy on holiday wants to play? don't they lose customers? isn't it good for them if more people play? its not like millions would make a japanese account and play in japanese, i hate what square is becoming. i'm scared if they ever make a FFVII again it be free or $40 with IAP.
  11. I still can't download this :(
  12. I've got the right translation : "the article you are seeking is not available at this time" (from a true translator not the web.

    So i think the game have some problems. It's not region locked.
  13. Screw you SQE. I want my Square back!

    Even Terra Battle is doing better than your freemium games and wasn't truly "region locked".

  14. Terra Battle is made by SquareSoft soul ;)
  15. Seems that way lol...

    Though I wish it that was a true premium paid game so I can't call Terra Battle perfect sadly.

  16. I'm waiting for the console version of Terra Battle ;)
  17. leocold

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    Sep 15, 2013
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    yes but i doesnt say that when you try to login while connected to a japanese vpn, it could just be giving you that error because we are not in japan.

  18. Is that even possible on Appstore ? Have you an exemple ?
  19. Shaun Musgrave

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    It's not a region lock. The message says that there's server maintenance going on right now. Relax, fellas.
  20. I was actually waiting for Shaun to come in here and make the final verdict :)

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