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    Hi, I'm Jon Kelliher, a Composer/Sound Designer for Games and Film.

    I'm looking to build relationships with upcoming Game Developers to help build each other's portfolios and reputations.
    With that being said, uniqueness and authenticity is what will set us apart in the gaming community.

    As a composer I believe that the music in a game or film must capture the essence of where the audience needs to be guided emotionally to create the most immersive experience possible. I also believe that stylisation of all aspects of games, be it music, art style or gameplay, must be cohesive in order to make a truly amazing game.
    While I specialise in Orchestral-based composition, I'm also capable of composing anything from Rock, Metal, Jazz, Electronica, Folk, etc.
    For some samples of my music check out my website:
    More music can be found on my Soundcloud:

    For further details or inquiries don't hesitate to email me:

    Many thanks for your time,


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