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    Hi All,

    I am the founder of iPhone development studio & publisher 'Revolutionary Concepts' and creative director of our in-house dev team 'Collect3'.

    For those that haven't heard of us, we are the creators of 12 top-performing apps, including NINE that have been featured by Apple. These include games such as Karate Champ, Cobra Command, Banzai Rabbit, Banzai HD, Snap and Animal Snap, as well as several utilities: Picture Safe, Video Safe, Boxee Remote, Beatwave, Night Browser - a couple of which after spending more than 22 months in the charts are listed among the best-selling utility apps of all-time (as tracked by

    Having worked with the iPhone and iPod touch - and now iPad - since day 1 and having been fortunate enough to enjoy some success we are committed to expanding through 2010 and helping other like-minded devs make their mark!

    You could be working on your first title or your third, or maybe you've gotten the short end of the stick from a publisher that was tall on promises - but delivered little to no real value?
    Either way we should talk!

    We currently have several large games and commercial projects in development (for all iOS devices) and several more in the planning stages and are in desperate need of extra pairs of hands that would like to partner with us - either collaborating on our projects or with us sharing the benefit of our experiences to help maximise the potential of your own ideas.

    We are looking for talented developers who know their way around Objective C and the SDK and who eat, breath, and dream apps - to bring the next generation of premium titles to the app store.
    If you are interested in discussing things in more detail please feel free to view some of our handiwork at and contact me at, with a bit about your experience and any thoughts or questions, and let's see if we can make a time to talk.

    This is a serious offer open to developers worldwide - where the only criteria is a commitment and desire to make the best apps, and where if you have read this far you are likely already someone with whom we should be talking :)

    Thanks and best wishes to all on the crazy rollercoaster that is the AppStore ;)

    Wayne Whatford
    Revolutionary Concepts

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