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  1. (I'm not sure if this is breaking a rule for double-posting, please accept apologies in advance if it is. But we're launching a new game on both iPhone AND iPad. The original/other message is here: http://forums.toucharcade.com/showthread.php?t=66535)

    Hi Touch Arcade,

    The game is simple:
    • Build Nuclear Missiles
    • Nuke Friends and enemies
    • ...that's really about it

    Our idea is this:
    • Go to http://new.code-monkeys.com/nd
    • Enter the promo code: TchArc11985 and get Get 100 Free credits
    • Beat the tar out of the system and tell us about any bugs you find or how we can make it better.

    Still Interested?

    We've been working on bringing this old school play-by-mail(PBM) game called Nuclear Destruction to the iPhone and iPad and we just started our open beta period to bang the kinks out - and we could use your help.

    This game is a tongue-in-cheeck look at the war-craziness of teh 50's and the original (in PBM form) has been played constantly for over 40 YEARS! and is still a huge hit at card and board game conferences. We're excited to see it being updated for today.


    This is a turn based game played with other people, against AIs, or a mix of both.

    We'll be launching this on iPhone and iPad when the beta closes and we feel like the engine is solid. After that, we'll be planning on expanding since the game is basically all web-based but one thing at a time.

    There are more screenshots of the game here if you want them: http://new.code-monkeys.com/pbw_portal/about_nd.cfm
    Just be advised - this IS a beta. Thee are bound to be some bugs and you should know that going in. We previewed this thing at PAX over the weekend and it's already brought up a series of things that needed to be reworked or fixed - this will be beta 1.2 if you will.
  2. The art guys just posted a new screen mockup - thought you all might like to see it.
    This is where you determine what your factories will be working on in the next turn.
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    Did you license the game from Flying Buffalo?
  4. Hi Daviddes - yes. Rick Loomis is the FB guy down in AZ and he's been great to work with.

    We can't actually launch until all the Ts are crossed but we first touched base back in March and its been a lot of fun watching this come together.
  5. Thought I'd add a quick note here since there seems to be confusion on a significant point inside the game: the proxy countries are not 'bad guys' in any sense. They are the countries that you want to bribe so they will take your side when war eventually comes. :)
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    I am all over this game if it is licensed by Flying Buffalo!!!!
  7. Geb - I'm really glad to hear you say that. Tell Rick. :)
    'cause if we have our way (and make our money back) we want to port a whole bunch of FB games. He has some really great IP over there.
  8. Hey folks. Thanks to all of you who are participating. We've found and killed a few bugs but more importantly we've seen a bunch of games being played.
    Be advised that you're about to be joined by a bunch of new players from the IDF and Elements conferences...be gentle with 'em


    On second thought, school them hard. That'll be more fun to watch. :p

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