Grey's War : Justification

Emil Stewart
ABOUT THE GAME Grey's War : Justification is a action adventure 3d shooting game taking place in in a crime riddled city…
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ABOUT THE GAME Grey's War : Justification is a action adventure 3d shooting game taking place in in a crime riddled city. This top down / third person shooting game puts you in the shoes of former hard-nosed detective John Mills as he dismantles the very organization that he could never bring down. When his old nemesis and Russian crime boss pulls him out of retirement after his cat is taken from him, John must track down his beloved cat Mittens, and in the process, destroy a highly organized criminal enterprise. Featuring an engaging story, cinematic cut scenes from a third person shooting perspective, action packed shooting game play, and a hilarious story that parodies the plot lines of some of Hollywood's action films and movies, Grey's War : Justification will leave you highly entertained, its an action packed shooting game for the ages. ENGAGING SINGLE PLAYER ACTION Follow John as he shoots his way through the streets and gang territory. John will battle through 40+ story missions, 20+ side missions (Death match, Reach a goal, destroy a target, assassinate a target, survive, etc). John will face an army of gangsters in modern combat. TOP DOWN / THIRD PERSON SHOOTER DUAL JOYSTICK GAMEPLAY / FULL GAMEPAD AND CONTROLLER SUPPORT Plays like a console game. The game is optimized for touch screen devices, but also includes full gamepad controller support with optimization for Xbox One S and PS4 DualShock Bluetooth controllers. Floating dual joysticks will allow you to control movement separate from aiming and shooting. Lots of gun types including assault rifles, machine guns, sub machine guns, shotguns, and sniper rifles. Help John engage in modern combat against a small army. Go ahead and shoot em up. OFFLINE GAMEPLAY The game works just fine in offline mode. It's an offline shooting game! Play on the airplane! FULL VERSION, NO IAP, NO ADS This full version of the game contains No IAPs and No Ads. Keep in mind, if you're already playing the free version, this is the same as unlocking the full version using the one time IAP in the free version (so its probably better to unlock the free version so that you save game play progress). MANY UNIQUE WEAPONS A unique weapon system allows you to pick up new weapons and seamlessly switch between them. 34+ confirmed weapons including sniper rifles, shotguns, machine guns, sub machine guns, pistols, etc. Take modern combat to a new level. SUPPLY RUN MISSIONS Supply run missions supplement the main story allowing John to raid criminal store houses to collect supplies for the main story missions. These include things like procuring new weapons only available in the Supply Run game mode, getting extra ammo that is critically needed in the main story, restocking on medical supplies, etc. TARGET ELIMINATION MISSIONS John will encounter many characters in the story mode that he may show leniency on. Upon finding out these characters are still pursuing criminal activities, bonus missions will be available (that if completed unlock additional character specialty weapons). Go ahead shoot em up. CINEMATIC CUTSCENES Beautiful cut scenes take place from the third person perspective. SURVIVAL MISSIONS / ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE SURVIVAL MODE Additional content with a great deal of re-playability, John will make his last stand battling hordes and hordes of ever increasing and harder to kill enemies. An additional zombie survival mode also exists where John will fight round after round of zombies. Can you survive the zombie apocalypse? In Survival Mode, John will need gain money that is used to unlock doors, behind each door is either a item spawner or a new ally to help John fight off the gang members or zombies in survival style depending on what game mode you are playing.
Seller:Emil Stewart
Genre:Action, Adventure
Release:May 04, 2019
Updated:Aug 31, 2019
Size:1.5 GB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
User Rating:Unrated
Your Rating:unrated
Compatibility:HD Universal