John on Fire : A Man's Cat Taken Released today!

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    Where to Download?

    What is John On Fire?

    John on Fire was a part of my dream to build a quality, story driven, duel joystick, top down shooter game to mobile platforms starting with Android. The game follows John, a former assassin who has since retired, being pulled back into the business when his cat is taken from him. Along the way, John will make friends, find true love, rack up an insane body count of bad guys, and rescue his beloved cat Mittens. The game is meant to be light hearted and funny, as it takes its inspiration from the plot-lines of my favorite blockbusters, while also providing some really fun shoot em' up gameplay.

    My goal was to build a fun game while proving that P2W, micro-transaction based business models prevalent in mobile gaming are not the only way to build a successful game targeting mobile (I still believe in the old-school model of building a fun story driven, pay once and get all the content, style game). The game is "Free To Play" in the sense that it is completely beatable (and I spent a lot of time playing specifically with only the free version assets to make sure the whole game can be beat) without buying the full version. However, it is "Freemium" in that purchasing the full version allows for additional premium weapons, armor, and extra future content to be unlocked (expansion packs, new game modes, etc).

    Whats new?
    - Biggest update yet, 16 new story missions added, plus over a dozen new side missions

    - Lots of usability improvements

    - Full release is now available, initial full story mode released

    - Over a dozen new weapons released, 34 total are now available

    - No longer considered in "Beta" testing, this bad boy is live to the general public

    Where can I get the latest game news / Where can I request new features?
    Following on Twitter is the best way to get updates. New feature requests can be sent there as well (

    We also have a Facebook page (search XK Software Development) if you prefer

    What are we planning on adding next?
    - Survival Mode is a work in progress. By the end of John on Fire, John has a huge bounty on his head. Everyone wants to kill him. Survival mode will see John (and allies) face off against hoards of enemies that get increasingly more powerful. Guns that are unlocked as part of the main story and side missions will be available in Survival model. I really want to focus on getting this feeling right and being a heck of a lot of fun. Hoping to release something in late April.

    - Controller support (not guaranteed, but will be exploring a proof of concept for this soon)

    - Zombie Mode - Additionally, a zombie survival game mode will be added after survival mode

    - Additional expansions to the main story (without spoiling the story, the ending opens up John to travel the world. John and his friends might fight crime in locales all over the globe. I want the main story to just be the beginning)

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