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    Hey all!

    Firstly I apologise if a thread of this sort has already been made, I've not been active for a while.

    I was just wondering what clothing & gadgets you use, which power ups are your favourite, which jet pack you prefer and other random stuff.

    So I use the gemmology gadget and the coin magnet as I'm pretty sure this is the best way to earn money. I've tried flash and the golden pigs but they just seem to not be as effective.
    As for clothing I quite like the original Barry head, with work clothes and the afterburner. The work clothes look pretty chilled and the afterburner is by far the best looking jet pack in my opinion!
    The profit bird is by far my favourite power up, it's so easy to use and say you use flash he really helps you out (as opposed to when you use him with mr cuddles and bad as hog). I think the worst one is the hog - you're just so limited to movability and it's not great for collecting coins.

    Anyway, what're your opinions?

    Also, I'll add a list of outfits/ character designs if people list them. Here's the start:
    - Fire fighter Barry (Yellow work helmet, fragger clothes + traditional Jetpack)
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    I usually use the coin magnet and any random gadget. As for apparel, I've never bought any clothes in the game and I use the Traditional Jetpack.

    If I ever get super addicted again I'll probably buy some clothes in-game.

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