Jetman Galactic Mars

christopher fitzsimons
This game is part 2 of the Jetman Galactic Trilogy. For more information, please visit Part 2 - …
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This game is part 2 of the Jetman Galactic Trilogy. For more information, please visit Part 2 - Jetman Galactic Mars The story continues… After the destruction of moon base alpha, Jetman has taken on an even more dangerous mission on Mars. Robots have arrived at the moon base and rebuilding will take place once materials arrive from Jetman's Mars mission. Mars is a planet with rare minerals and metals and was once a mining colony. Robots have been activated and while they attend to mining operations, Jetman is receiving drop crates with rocket parts which need to be assembled before vital ore is taken by the assembled rockets back to moon base alpha. Once those rocket ships offload the ore, they are refitted and sent to rescue the remaining humans on earth. Based on a classic game from 80’s. Jetman Galactic has all the ingredients for a successful fun game. GAME FEATURES • Random backdrops each level. • Each difficulty level has an appropriate paced heavy metal inspired track to keep you pumped! • In game voice to update you when needed. • 4 levels of difficulty increasing as the game progresses. • High score table for each difficulty level. Play with your friends and see who the best is! • Pickup dropped crates to obtain more rockets, nukes, lasers, energy, lives, speed and coins. • Use built in game store to buy weapons and other items which will be dropped during game play. Buy more coins if required. • Bonus coin crates randomly dropped during the game which can be used in the in-game store.
Seller:christopher fitzsimons
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:May 27, 2021
Updated:Jun 01, 2021
Size:171.9 MB
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