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    Sep 1, 2015

    We are a small studio of three based in Osaka, Japan.

    Each of us has 15+ years experience in the translation and localization spaces, and we work with numerous game companies to localize their work.

    We love apps and Touch Arcade, but there is a huge divide between indie developers in the west and those in Japan, and it's time to bridge the gap.

    I want to offer two things -- one, services for indie devs bringing their work to Japan. But two, services for people wanting to bring Japan to them.

    That means, for developers:

    - Communicate and collab with Japanese indie devs
    - Prepare press releases and approach local media outlets
    - Determine release strategy

    And for individual users:

    - Translate game content and articles for your personal use
    - If you want to get more out of Japanese content but can't make head or tail of it, we can translate anything and everything for you. Write fan mail to your favorite devs, read a Japanese gaming site, or work your way through a text-heavy Japanese game.

    Best wishes from Japan,
    Bamboo Project

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