iWrath Beta Test Update

Discussion in 'Upcoming iOS Games' started by redsoxsrule424, May 5, 2009.

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    Apr 18, 2009
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    In case you were wondering why no files have been uploaded to beta test iWrath here's your answer...

    Hi redsoxsrule424,

    Thanks for your email and helping us with this beta test. We actually
    weren't expecting to fill the spots so fast, so maybe we got a little
    ahead of ourselves. It will be very soon though. I really expected to
    today but we decided to make just a few more adjustments before releasing
    the beta version. Thanks for being patient.

    Brad Cimo

    Well, we have a finished game, almost. We finished the iWrath development this last week, but when we stepped away and came back to it today, we think there is just something else we need to do.

    OK...OK, it's the greeble. He's just too darn cute and his just not pulling his weight around here. We've decided he needs to really get into those tests the good doctor wants to do. So, by golly, we're going to make him do it! Instead of just tepidly standing around watching those cool effects that come out of the machine, he's going to have to get in there and get it done! So, that's what's taking up our time and effort, we have to keep prodding him and poking him until he does what we want. As soon as he does... It's business time!

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